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Gatineau Park is a 365 square km (139 sq mi) conservation park filled with walking trails.One entrance is just a mere 4 km from Downtown Ottawa.There are several rental companies in the city where you can rent a bike for an hour to a week.Walking - a lot of the major sites are easily accessible by walking.We went with OWL Rafting and stayed over at their all-inclusive resort where we enjoyed two days of rafting.Day one was on the large group raft where we all worked together as our guide used two giant paddles to navigate the giant rapids known as The Staircase.

We saw a lot of road cyclists when visiting the park as well.When people think of visiting Canada's capital, a trip to the Parliament buildings and skating on the Rideau Canal are always at the top of the list.But there are many things to do in Ottawa that are exciting and unique that will easily make for an excellent vacation for couples and families alike.Taxis - We found taxis to be double the price in Ottawa and don't recommend taking them.Car Rental - For certain places in this list of things to do, a car rental is highly recommended.

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