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For this Dolphin review we’ll be using the Admin CP demo from the official site of the software. Read more Dolphin review | By: bikruch | Mar 30, 2009 This community software review will talk about Dolphin social networking script of Boonex.

First of all let’s take a look at the company profile which produces it.

As the company states – this tool is created on Flash technology wh...

Read more Able Dating review | By: habib | Feb 14, 2009 Here we go. The review contains little factual material and consists mainly of subjective experience, so can not be considered impartial. Hi, My name is Simon and I want to share my experience with the world about the Able Dating software p...

The main drawback is the inability for automated e...

Read more Review on e Meeting Admin Panel | By: spongebob | Nov 14, 2009 This dating script review will talk about the Admin Panel of e Meeting.

This dating software review will talk about one of the leaders in the industry - Able Dating. Read more Able Dating review | By: Anthony | Jan 24, 2009 First of all I would like to cite the words of the seniour ABK-Soft developer: "Interactivity was, is and will be our main priority.

First of all would like to say that I haven’t seen so many features in one package as I can see in Able Dating. Our goal is to make users feel closer than they really are when communicating, make users break language and culture barrie...

For this Kootali review we’ll be using the Admin CP demo from the official site of the software. Read more Kootali Review | By: Kootali Fan | Feb 5, 2009 Kootali is a community software produced and marketed by an Indian company Agriya Infoway.

So, I’ve decided to write a review since didn’t find any review about it in the Internet. | By: irishcoder | May 23, 2010 I would like to share my first impressions on Chameleon. | By: RICKIE | Mar 7, 2009 Yet another community software review.

According to the web-site of the software, there is a huge set of features in it. I think ABK have done a great job of combining everything great that can be found in Social Networking scripts. You can search events based on name, date, place, etc.... | By: handy | Oct 19, 2009 This dating software review is addicted to the Admin Panel of ASPnet Dating. | By: kdeguru | Oct 15, 2009 This community script review will talk about the administration control panel of DZOIC Handshakes. This time it will be about the Profile Customization tool which is available in Dzoic Handshakes.

Dating Biz is a hosted solution, means that you’ll not have to purchase a domain name, hosting account, configure it.

You just buy an installed copy, on your chosen domain name. Read more Chameleon Admin Panel review | By: blast | Jun 26, 2010 A couple of weeks ago I’ve written a review about a new dating and community script with name Chameleon.

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