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Im really greatful they will ban fake accounts of ABK-soft who keep trying with fake reviews, fake review sites, spamming, threatening people on DP, to scam people. I almost lost my trust in the moderators here, but after a few reports i see there are at least a few accounts of these scammers banned, im very greatful and only supports me to keep going on with reporting these fakers.Keep the heads up guys and report these scammers and also explain clearly the reason why they have to get banned. The prove that these guys are scammers are as clear as the sky is blue.” Source.How about Serina Hall or Glenn Ryan or Rebeca Owens? But your time is coming.” To read the full text please go to this page: You screwed them all plus tons more that I’ve heard about over the last year. But what really takes the cake is that you scammed someone that I have the upmost respect for. p=11908897&postcount=10 Filed under: How to avoid Abledating scam — abledating @ am Tags: abk business space, abk mixer, abk software refund, abk-soft abledating & ablespace template, abk-soft scam, abledating, abledating scam, ablespace scam, test abledating Hi. Here are the proofs: When I was scammed by I felt myself really awful thought that I was alone in the world without my money. I changed my job and found another one, I didn’t earn that amount of money which I lost when bought Abledating dating software and spent money on custom development but I’m on the right way.I guess Abk-soft Scam Company is afraid of the anger of its unsatisfied customers.I found that Russian Scammer Dmitri Rudakov hid his domain name registration info.

I spent the money to get it and now I’m stuck with it. People have complained that it doesn’t work and I just can’t afford to pay someone to fix it so I’m having to upgrade people manually if they pay a membership.

He wrote that he can give 500 bucks for the real home address. Looks like there are new customers who were scammed by Scam company.

A few members of that forum supported the idea of giving money to any person who can get the real address of the Russian Scammer Dmitry Rudakov. Learn more here: Here is the original text; “Again, I will pay ANYONE 0 dollars for a verified home address of Dimitry Rudakov, the owner of

Filed under: How to avoid Abledating scam — abledating @ am Tags: scam, abledating scam, Scam, Dmitry Rudakov, dmitry rudakov scammer, russian scam, Russian Scammer Dmitri Rudakov Tonight I found a great post by the owner of a dating software provider – Michael Pennington at the Digital Point forum.

Michael was looking for a home address of Scam Company owner – Dmitry Rudakov.

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