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These specific laws were largely repealed by the 1960’s -1970’s in response to widespread concern as to the effects of these policies. Sir George Grey, a member of the Committee requested of the King of England: "...that measures be taken to secure to the natives of the several Colonies the due observance of justice, and protection of their rights." However as government protectors were appointed and 'protection' laws passed, their role quickly changed from protection to the control of the lives of Aboriginal people.

Our review of the scientific evidence, published today in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, suggests that for all practical purposes, this is indeed the case.

The possibility that earlier waves of modern human populations might have moved out of Africa before 50,000 years has also been raised.

But in our review of these events, we point out that there is no convincing fossil evidence to support this idea beyond the Middle East.

On 21-23 April 1937, there was a conference held of "Chief Protectors and Boards controlling aborigines in the States and the Northern Territory." The proceedings of this conference clearly detail the degree of control that the state and territory governments had over Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people at that time.

This digital collection contains the full text of the annual reports of all state and territory ‘protection boards' and the subsequent government agencies.

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