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Refreshments will be provided, so come and spend a few hours with us, make some new friends and learn more about the best kept secret in today's constantly evolving dating world. Meet John and Tanya Adams, and their specials guests including other couples that have also successfully met and married via A Foreign Affair!This may be the most important four hours of your life, and may very well change your life forever!

Payton Kane and our Makeover Team can turn ANY regular guy into a Ladies Man within 4 hours! Let the world's leading master help you seduce any woman you want. Free Shipping & Handling On All Our Products Worldwide!

Receive valuable discounts and other "Dating Seminar Only" offers that can literally save you hundreds of dollars towards your tour.

Ask questions to John, Tanya and the other guests as to how this really works and what you can do to enhance your chances for success. You will receive hundreds of dollars in discounts and also have the opportunity to ask all your questions face-to-face with the utmost experts in the industry today.

Our free International Dating Seminars are an invaluable opportunity to receive in-depth expert information during our free dating seminars and ask ALL the questions you want without any cost or obligation whatsoever. For directions to a dating seminar location, use the telephone number listed under the venue (locations at right).

Scroll down to find the Top 5 Reasons To Attend Our Free Dating Seminars Each 4 hour dating seminar is fast paced, fun, and packed full of information about International Introductions, International Tours, Dating Foreign Women, simply anything and everything having to do with International Dating. This is the hotel number (use only for location information to the venue; do not use for reserving a spot at the seminar).

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