Advice for dating single dads

● Are genuinely interested in my kids and getting to know them as individuals, not just a collective ‘his kids’.

● Understand my kids and their needs do come first — though after a while that rung on the ladder can accommodate an equal first.

It’s only prudent for a single dad to be comfortable with each of these being satisfied about a new partner. And to be honest they kind of sit at the back of my mind whenever I do meet someone, and despite my best efforts to live only in the moment, sometimes I can’t help assessing someone new against these criteria in the early stages, which is a bit unfair.Or our partner has died, which is a whole lot of other grief and delicate management for a single parent.No matter what ended the relationship with our children’s mother, as a single dad we’ve already done our best to support our kids’ emotional wellbeing and any logistical changes (moving home/daycare) on one occasion. Draining, deflating, and all-consuming, to be more accurate.When I have my kids, I don’t have (and won’t make) the time for long conversations on the phone, or long SMS exchanges, or any kind of dating activity.That can mean nights and days and full weekends where someone will need to be ok with a brief message here and there.

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