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Another film to catch her in is Paramount's patriotic So Proudly We Hail about navy nurses stationed in the Pacific with co-stars Claudette Colbert and Paulette Goddard.

Throughout the 1940s his tough-guy roles packed audiences into theaters and he was one of the very few males whose cover photos sold movie magazines.

In the 1950s he was performing in lucrative but unrewarding films (an exception being what many regard as his greatest role, Shane (1953).

The Proud Rebel western movie starring Alan Ladd, Olivia De Havilland.

It's Paramount's WWII all-star propaganda extravaganza with most of the studio's stars onboard playing themselves. "Life's too short for two films with Veronica Lake." Joel Mc CRea She was known as "The Bitch" and she deserved the title." Eddie Bracken"Moronica Lake" Raymond Chandler"So I guess I didn't have the worst rep on the Paramount lot." Betty Hutton I didn't know she was such a bitch.

I guess she was like the 40s equivalent of Val Kilmer - people will tolerate your bad behavior only as long as you are "hot" career-wise.

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