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It is the responsibility of every believer in the New Testament Church to win souls to Christ. It is not an option for believers, but a command that has to obeyed Christ has commanded it (CP Mt 28 18-20 Mk 16 15-16 Ac 1 6-8 10 42-43).

Christ's directive to His followers in Mt 28 and Mk 16 has been termed the Great Commission in the contemporary Church, but that term is a misnomer. Sir John Dee, was the court astrologer for Queen Elizabeth.

Through the centuries, the world has seen plenty of acrimony and violence over differences in the way people view God.

the universe), which marked the beginning of time and the beginning of God's Plan of the Ages.

First, feminists sought to identify the various forms of oppression that structured women's lives, and second, they imagined and sought to create an alternative future without oppression.

What soon became apparent, however, was that oppression is not always easy to name.

He lectured on the Continent to the great European universities on Geometry. ARE THESE RELATED WORDS Natsar & Nazir -- A Crash Study THE WORD NATSAR There is usually some initial confusion with the words Natsar and Nazir.

The original Hebrew for Nazarene is based on the root natsar, and means to watch -- this is because the area around the burg Natsareth was named for it, hence the word Gennetsaret (vale of Netsar) -- referring to the whole district. Opinions are divided among Christians as to whether Jesus is speaking literally or figuratively here, but nothing is to be gained by changing the literal meaning.

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