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“The areas where tea is currently suitable to grow become much less suitable in the future,” he explains.

“What’s happened is that the ‘window of suitability’ drives it further and further up the mountain.

But the late rains have plunged this tropical paradise into crisis.

Planting trees and reducing deforestation also protects the quality of the land that the farmers rely on for growing tea and the other crops they depend on for produce.

Patrick Kimathi, 52, from Kianjogu, another (farm) owner with the project, has been planting banana trees for as long as he has been farming.

It becomes more suitable at higher altitudes because it’s cooler up there, where the rain is still falling.

“If climate change continues unabated, tea is definitely at risk.” Earlier this year, in May, experts predicted harvests could be up to 12 per cent smaller because of the damage caused to crops from droughts.

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