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I want to write some custom message in the same place of that message. Please, also take a look at the Grid Editing/Validation demo module and ASPx Grid View documentation.If an unhandled exception occurs while a Dev Express web control callback is processed on the server side, the ASPx Http Handler Module automatically catches the exception and passes an error message to the client.

The Row Updated event is raised when a row's Update button is clicked, but after the Grid View control updates the row.This message may contain details about the exception or a generic error message.The message displayed depends on the mode attribute setting within the See the following Code Central sample to learn more: E2398 - How to use the ASPx Web Control.Dev Express Asp XGrid has a cool editform template that you can use it several ui style as popup form or inline form betwwen grid rows etc.. Row Error property to specify the error text displayed within the Error Row.When you unimplement Update Event of grid and if you allow grid to editing from settings, it shows the Edit Form, but when you fire update button at this state, it shows a cool Error Message like "Specified method is not supported".. This row is automatically displayed below the Edit Form if the Row Error property is set to a not empty string.

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