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Perry and his wife Sheryl raised their sons Travas and Jason, who are adults living in California and Texas, respectively, in Aberdeen.Community involvement Carl Perry has called Aberdeen home since he moved to town for college in 1971.Chamber President Gail Ochs said Perry constantly promotes events happening around the city."He's always been an ambassador for the chamber and the community," Ochs said. It allows him to expand his knowledge and bring it to Pierre."Perry was the 2002 George Award recipient."It goes to someone who doesn't just 'let George do it,'" Ochs said of the honor."They step up and take the initiative and do it."Not native to Aberdeen Born in Kansas City, Mo., Perry and his mother moved to 10 miles southwest of Selby when she remarried. He then attended Selby High School, where he got involved in music, track and wrestling.That might mean he'll grow to be a fan of the Pierre Governors, he said.Being a legislator Perry is learning to plan ahead as his calendar quickly fills with multiple appointments a week from special interest groups and people in the community.

That time traveling was while working for some big-name companies like Pitney Bowes, Phillip Morris and Wells Fargo, he said.He was 10 at the time and attended a nearby country school. The one sport he wasn't allowed to join was football.There was too much farm work to do during the fall, he said.But his stepdad gave him an incentive to stay closer to home.He offered to cover Perry's first two semesters if he went to Northern State University. He was enrolled for the next two years, but didn't earn a degree.

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His immersion in community organizations dates back to 1979.

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