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Here are 20 words and expressions that came right off the bat, or out of left or right field.Please feel free to add any others I’ve missed in the comments section below. The meaning “sphere of activity or influence” is cited from 1963.Without bases, home runs, and strikeouts, the competition of sex and relationships is dissolved.

In terms of the bases, your end strategy is to ultimately get a home run without striking out. Their laughter about bases and home runs still linger in my mind.Is there a ballpark figure of what you want to spend and does this cover all the costs?” — 2) Big league (or bush league): At the highest level (big league), used as a noun or an adjective.Unless we get individual personal pizzas there must be some type of compromise. Compromise is all good but when we compromise, we essentially give up something that we wanted to achieve, as does the other person. Ice cream is sweet, comes in hundreds of flavours, and rarely do people have to share their ice cream cone.When we get together with someone for pizza, we’re not competing with them, we’re looking for an experience that both of us will share that’s satisfying for both of us, and when you get together for pizza with somebody, what’s the first thing you do? When you go and order an ice cream cone, you do not do it to share.

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