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I helped him a lot." Cooke said their close bond is a factor in their recent success.

The North Stars are 15-1 overall and 5-1 in the conference. Charles North coach Sean Masoncup praised the Schmidt-Cooke combination for solidifying the lineup.

Charles North senior David Schmidt let his smile do the talking.

These days, Schmidt and Jim Cooke are a vital reason why St.

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Schmidt smiled when asked who was the better player during their first year together.

Three years ago, at the start of their freshman year, Schmidt convinced his friend from sixth grade to join him on the tennis team.

"They are sort of our rock in the middle of our lineup, where I can count on them to get things done.

They have really streamrolled through the conference.

Wheaton North, which plays Batavia on Wednesday, is 6-0 and the Bulldogs are 5-0 in a crowded conference race. "It helps that we always talk to each other and that's why we've always clicked on the court. "Both kids have worked so hard the last few years, so it's so fun to watch them improve and be successful this year," he said.

David has never been mad at me, and I've never been mad at him. "Both of them have huge serves and work well together.

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