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Nancy is one of the founders of Actors Comedy Lab and participates in local theater as a hired gun, a volunteer and, on very rare occasions, an actor.

As the audience enters the auditorium, cast members are jumping rope, stretching, and practicing their leaps and catches.

As the curtain opens we see two dancers in old-fashioned dresses, with large skirts that appear to be made with too much fabric.

Suddenly, the ladies rise to twice their height, revealing the bottom half of the hairy-legged male dancers on whose shoulders they sit.

At another point, a dancer has a dream that is shown to the audience via an animation by Peter Sluska, projected on a small tarp. Set to a mixture of music by Brian Eno, David Byrne, and the Talking Heads, (1981) is the strongest performance of the evening.

The title refers to the second day of the creation of the world, and the snappy percussive soundtrack sets a clean beat that the dancers follow perfectly.

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