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Our “fearful self” lies and manipulates in order to receive the percieved safety of group approval and acceptance.

It’s the fearful self that just gives in and agrees with the group instead of speaking out with honest thoughts and opinions.

It not only leaves us resentful of the world, but makes others resentful of us. And being needy and desperate pushes people away, especially women we’re wanting to date. There’s another way where we can take off our Social Masks and instead just “be ourselves” .. It’s the cowards who dread being wrong, and then stop trying. Get yourself “okay” with the judgements and ridicule of others.Our fearful selves get peer pressured into doing things we don’t really want to do. Women will chase a man who’s brutally honest over the doormat who just says what he thinks others want to hear.We get bullied and pushed around by own friends as way to feel safe. The pay off is personal pride and power, even when we’re often wrong.Every time we fabricate the truth, or enhance our stories with others, is so that we can manipulate what others think of us.Because we’re genetically evolved to NEED social connection and influence… Basically we FEAR that others will dislike us or reject us, and we learn this as soon as we learn to talk.

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