Best friend dating my ex

She chose a brand new relationship over a five-year friendship.

With her actions, my best friend told me that men are more important than friendships. My best friend has been with me through some of the worst experiences of my life, so this feels like a punch in the gut.

The fact that this girl did this to you is probably making you feel insecure about girl friendships. They will assure you that they are your best friends and that you are loved.

They will support you more than you could have possibly imagined. What are the chances they are going to end up happily ever after? Focus on your kids, your career, and your love life, if you choose. A good friend used to say to me, “You’re on your own road. ” Lastly, if you are on the other end of this, meaning if you are the one who starts dating your friend’s ex, PLEASE handle it this way. Pilossoph holds a Masters degree in journalism from Boston University.

There are a few different instances that happened during the time I was newly separated that caused me to classify myself as temporarily psychotic, one of those being when I figured out “my ex is dating my friend! Here was a woman who I thought was my good girlfriend.

We had gotten together a few times and I had told her things–personal things about my ex and our relationship, why I was getting divorced, etc.

I guess in a way, their relationship has been a hard but valuable lesson for me.

That means she doesn’t value what I have to say, which is hurtful. It’s still early days for my best friend and my ex, but I know that he’s going to have to come around eventually.

I don’t understand how guys do it, but I’m not the type of girl that likes to hang out with my ex.

She could have told me at any point, but she waited until the last minute to do so.

She waited until there was nothing that I could do about it and robbed me of the opportunity to voice my feelings. Not dating someone’s ex is one of the first rules of girl code.

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I understand that she’s in the honeymoon phase, but given the complicated nature of her relationship, it would be nice to have her check in to make sure I’m doing OK.

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