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While in some cultures, it is common for men to have multiple wives, women taking more than one husband is rare. BHUTANESE DO NOT HAVE SURNAMES It may be difficult for some us to grasp this concept of not having surnames.This open-minded acceptance makes Bhutan unique and seemingly less conservative than developed countries, where monogamy is the de facto marriage status among couples. In Bhutan, everyone has two names, but they are not their first and last names - it's simply two names.The baggy pouch in front is not only a good way of hiding that beer belly, it has a practical use too - forming one of the largest pockets in the world, where everything from phones to wallets to keys are kept there, and even babies are carried in the front pouch too.All tour guides will don a while accompanying their visitors as it is often seen as a formal work event, and they are also required to wear a white sash when entering the fortresses.Also, there are over 5,400 bars across Bhutan and even a few clubs in the capital city of Thimphu.For a small country, it manufactures everything from beer to red wines and dessert wines, and even whisky.

In fact, it has been decades since the fourth king of Bhutan came up with the notion that the kingdom should benchmark its progress and development by “Gross National Happiness”, instead of gross domestic product.And you might want to read this before things change. THE MEAT YOU EAT THERE ISN'T FROM BHUTAN Being a Buddhist nation, killing is one of the big no-nos and to be avoided.The Bhutanese will not officially kill or butcher animals, but this doesn’t mean that they are vegetarians.Ask any Bhutanese if they cook at home and they’ll tell you that even if they don’t know how to cook, they’d definitely know how to make As for me, it took a whole 45 minutes to get through one piece, while my guide and driver chewed through the whole thing in a matter of minutes. Their traditional dress, called for women, are worn at work, monasteries and temples, government offices and during formal occasions.Wearing the national dress is stipulated by the government too.

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Because there are no surnames and each child can have an entirely different name altogether, this means the entire family can have varying names without outsiders ever knowing that they are related to one another. CHOPPING TREES AND FISHING ARE NOT ALLOWED Besides a no-killing policy, Bhutan’s constitution also stipulates that the country must have at least 60 per cent forest cover.

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