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Chris Pine has not married yet though he has been in many relationships which includes cases which he dated Sorel Carradine, Olivia Munn, Dominique Piek, Zoe Kravitz, and Iris Bork Johannesdottir.

Recently, he has been dating Sofia Boutella who is an Algerian dancer as well as a model.

Chris Pine is a renowned American actor who has gained much of his fame from some of the significant roles he has played in movies which include; Wonder Woman and Star Trek.

Having being brought up by a family full of actors, he got much of his interest from having the acting exposure while he was still at his early age.

He then desired to become an actor while still a teenager through which he usually accompanied his parents to films sets in Hollywood.

His passion shifted while he was at the high school as previously, he used to love being involved in sports. He also went to American Conservatory Theatre where he learned on acting, and he then joined Williamson Theatre Festival where he got much experience and exposure.

We have prepared this article for you not only about details of Chris Pine’s career, professional life and personal life, but also about his net worth, age, height, weight and more facts. Chris Pine was born on 26th August in 1980 in Los Angeles.

He was born to his parents by the names; Gwynne Gilford who was his mother and was an actress though she chose to become psychotherapy as her professional career and Robert Pine who is his father and was also a popular actor. He grew up in the exposure of acting in which he was used to reading scripts and listening to talks on films.

Chris Pine becomes one of the outstanding actors who are talented as he has always featured in very many films.His hard work has always led to the increased success over time having had much exposure during his childhood.Danny (Chris Pine) is a blind man who does not let his impairment get in the way of living his life to the fullest, except when it comes to love.His career took much of its shape in the year 2009 on a cult film franchise known as Star Trek.He has continually had much success owing him to being one of the most successful actors.

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