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We know it’s superficial, but we’ve been known to judge a guy by the size of his bookshelf a time or two. Each picture is accompanied by the most recent book read and a little description of their opinion of it.

She won’t dismiss your ideas completely, instead she’ll compile a well-thought out list of reasons why you’re wrong.

Books have the ability to take you places without ever leaving home.

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Instead she relishes relationships and memories, and spends too much time in her own thoughts to ever get "bored." What else would you expect from someone who spends their free time reading about heroes and heroines?

If you love sharing your thoughts on books, if you're a mom who needs a night out or if you're new in town and want to meet some new friends --join this group! Those who read learn about history, culture, different lifestyles, various ways of thinking and more -- giving them a broader understanding of life, and a heightened appreciation for the little things this world has to offer.A perfect date for the lady bookworm involves roaming around the noisy city while seeking solace inside a quaint little bookstore, full of new books she’s never encountered. Whether it’s her adamancy that you read the latest book with her, or your own curiosity for what book she’s got her nose in now, slowly but surely, you’ll learn to fall just as in love with reading as you do with her.While big teddy bears and fancy gifts are pleasing to the eyes, women who read seek romance that is pleasing to the mind.She’ll go out with you, but a girl who reads will also see the value of staying in, getting cozy and having deep, meaningful conversations.

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