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” It is a humorous look at dating in the 21st century.1.The new concept of “friends” and how easy it has come to build social networks on Twitter and Facebook for example.2.It’s Just Lunch is a more traditional style of dating agency, arranging real offline dates with single people.They use professional, local matchmakers, who take your personal opinions into account, then arrange dates in mutually agreeable restaurants.You can either call the help desk to provide your details and talk costs, or you can fill in a form and have them call you back.

When I started the Brainiac Dating project I was single, and this led to me meeting my girlfriend! But having done a variety of other different things it makes me appreciate the little or in this case infinite even more.

Thinking about what’s wrong with Facebook and how to build something that is more conducive to finding meaningful relationships.2.

Writing a book about “Brainiac Dating” with the subtitle something like “If I am so smart, then why am I still single?

If someone wasn’t suitable or you wish to amend your preferences, you can speak to your matchmaker to sort this out.

The effectiveness of this service may depend a lot on the quality of your personal matchmaker and how seriously they take their job.

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