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At a time when even Canon and Nikon are turning their attention to full-frame mirrorless cameras, Fujifilm is saying “not so fast.” Though it looks quite familiar, the X-T3 is a worthy upgrade to the X-T2 with a long list of improvements that become evident once you start shooting with it.

As with Fuji’s other cameras, the X-T3 is rooted in a retro-looking, weatherproofed design that’s meant to give it the feel of an analog film camera.

When you do edit RAW, there’s plenty of leeway for recovering shadows and pulling back highlights.

To me, overall imaging performance feels very similar to the X-T2.

The same goes for the diopter that now locks to prevent your electronic viewfinder from suddenly going blurry.But my favorite “feature” of the touch display is that even when looking into the EVF, you can slide a finger around the screen to move the focus point without having to reach for the joystick.You can also interact with the quick settings (Q) menu through taps.There’s a useful Sports Finder Mode feature for the latter situation that will show you what’s just outside the frame, giving you a better chance of nailing the shot when moving subjects are involved.And a new pre-shot mode is meant to help avoid missing moments by starting to shoot with the electronic shutter when the shutter button is pressed halfway — repeatedly filling and clearing the buffer — and saving a series of shots starting just before you press it down all the way.

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I’ve seen other reviews note that the X-T3 is slightly noisier at high ISOs, but this isn’t something that stood out to me.

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