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59 ^2 Nunber of Bc^idroe S; Selected Couitrie S/ and Relative Sii Dject Test Perfonremce Ind« (RSPI) art tolative Verbal Perfonnance Index (I^I) Mems for Continents wth 10 or Itore Bcami TOes 67 B-1 Regression Iguations for Estijtiating S.\^, S.q, ^id V.q.^ Based on Data f OL-^ U. SVQA, Samples 71 B=2 Cbrrelation of Si J&jeat Test Scores with General Test Verbal (V), Quantitative (Q), art Mialytiral (A) Jkbility Scores, art Correlatlai of Verbal vnxh Qu^titatiw Scores, for U. , , Figure Verbal parf OEmariee and Subject Itest perfomian Ge of m L ex OTd Mes relative to e^ctati CTi for U. For the nore qu Mititatively oriented Sudbject Tfests, the iredian ymm 20 percent* BCT stotus is reported bo^ ty nati^^Engli^ speakers (predatii- nantly from major liiglish-speaking societies) irei by noimtiv^aigli^ speak- ers (E8L efflmi TOes), primarily frcm countries in v*ii^ Biglish is an academic lingua fraica, BCT/EBL es^minees tei^ to be less proficient in Biglish than native-Engli^ speakers, but irore proficient tiian tiieir cmnterparts vto report better ccmmmicatim in a Imguage ottier toan aigli^ (as indexed by hi^er means on U, S, verbal adrtdssim tests or TOOTL), Relationship to test performance . S* S-sanples, BCE status was weakly ancl/or negptively correlated with perfornence not ^y on the six most qu OTtitatively oriented Sttoject tests (Math CTatics, aenistry, Pities, Cotputer Science^ Econcmics^ a M Bigineering) , but also wi Ui performance on the primarily \^rbal Sociology and Political Science tests (with English lan^ge c CTit OTt) as well as the Spanish and French tests (not written in mglish). Itans even the nest quai Utativeiy orimted Subject tests call for considera Me Englist^langyage processing, md the Si^ject teste in mxial sciences and in the hisnmitjes fields (except spmi^ and Frendi) call for extensive Bngli^language proces- sing. Nister of GCB Subject Teat Wcers, 19S2--19S4^ by Coimtry of Citizenship, Subject Test Mems for Contingwts mth 10 or More B^minees .............. Average perfccma:ice of caitingpnts of n CTMJ, S, mmm- inees on &E Subjact Te Btm, relatiw to the avara^ perfomaiee of U*S, erandnees . 14 Most U*S* examinees reported better ccnmmication in Biglish tton in mw otiier language (mm statais)— the Subject Test sarrple m^an \ms 96 ^rcent. e Kaninees taking Subject Tests in social science or himianities fields, the median reisorting BCT statas was S3 pereent^^y about 36 pereent of Fren^ test takers and 28 percent of ^smidti test takers reported BCB status. Si^ject »st t^ers te more hic Wly saleeted in terms of generai E^gli^ profici OT^, for escai^le, than their cofunterparts %^ do not take the 8i^3#ct tests, ^ - ^i££^ic&^n B in Biglish proficiency may be of sere iitportence in accoimt- ing for seme of the differmces in the present stu^.Group l mwi mans wre ^nerally hi^r than Grouro II m Pl means.Hcfv^ver, as ymm true for mh e Kandr^s generally, nean RSPI v^ues \^re hi0ier thm toe eorresponding mean HOTI values (except for Educatlm) in both Groi^ 1 md Groi^ 11 contingents, Ihis yms true for tiie more quantitatively oriented Subjeot Tests as ^11 as Uie iwre verbally oriented tests* - Evaluation of tr^ds by region is limted ty ttie absence of m&m for mmy regions, e^cially for Subject TOsts in social science or i Mianities fields OT vmch l^L exaninees epierally performai below expectai^ for U S e Kaminees (SAicati OT, Political Scimce, Sociology, History, and Liters -e in aif lish) , "Englidi" ex^nees had positive RBPI mms m all thest ^sts, indicating perfontiance better tiian expects for U. For Literataire, Asia I examinees (frcm Ir^a, Singapore, the Philippines) also had a_ positive RSPI mean, in Sociology ttie Europe I cmtir^- pnt was very straig (ESPI inean ^0,4).

Fo Btmw Sdio TOthaler retrieved sti^ data f rem ^ progr OTi files. , , , 1 Score Intecpretati OT for Foreign Itetionals Mcioj TOat;^ 2 Foreign ifatleffsals md the OTE aneral Tmmt * , . 32 tans are nuch inore selective, acadmicallyi thai the U. ^tlonal ^urati OTal B^tmm differ not cx^y in degree of selectivi^, but also in organization, structaire, ard overall le%^l of develc^msnt. 34 Section 11% Descriptiai ef Study Data Beta^n Oc^ter 1982 and Sapt CTtor 1984 (the 1982-1984 testing peri^) a total of 97^553^aininaes took a ^jaet Tfest and identified tiianialves as aithar U. S 7,2 13.3 11,1 19.9 ll.g 13.7 12.7 16.8 14,4 I3.e 13.8 19J 21. 137 w w ID 1§ 419 442 Ufferm^ 02 '26 408 11 43 Hiit-ety U. l Oi 511 124 m 532 526 IIS »i- — 11 fa A Naf HJ J SJB BS TO TO IS 104 Diffifinei T1 -49 41 -51 -11 -11 Litifituri UJ, lis 112 Mi 540 171 542 130 tte*m,l* 111 i% n in W M 499 *li -u sfi -Si -31 Bialagy UJ.

S* examinees on ®E Siiject rests , relative to the average perforrance of U. Sumrory of FSPI and I^I Means for ^3to-U, S, ©cianinees Cllissified by TOrld Eegim (N ^ 10 oi^y) ..... in toth citizenship classification B^ age was directly related to perfor Mnce an the Spanidi, Prencii, and Education tests; younger examinees te^^ed to outperfonn their older countei^rts on tiie Bigineering Ccnf^ter Science tests* Subject Ti Stvltejor^Field Agre CTent Percentages mtii Bubject Test arri iffriergr^tote majors in the same field or a closely related field J^te generally ccnparable across citizenship cate- gories: for Ma^^natics, Oa^uter Science, Otemistiy, Pities, Ecaiamics, &olo^, and Biolo^, medians were roug W^y 86 percent, as ccstpared to 81 per« cent ^d 74 perc OTt (U*S, vs. S*) for tiie remaining tests* ^latim^iip to test performance , in both citizen^ip categories and for all Subject Tests, this "ms a ve^ vmsk correlate of test perfoi Ttmce. schools tend^ to be hi^er for the tests in social science or hinnanities fields (in^lim ^ 38 percent) thm in Uie more cj^Bntitative fields (median ^ 20 percent) * Belationshlp to test perf otiflance * For ncr HJ^S.

S* OTE Sutoject Test Wcers, 1982-84 * * 35 Figure 1, Avera^ perforinmce of continfents of nawj. S* ESL l&caminees* and of Norrt J^S, "Ingli^" Bcandnees, Relative to m^ctation for U. mmcdnmm vdth Sindlar General Test Scores ...,,* 50 able 15. For age, tiie pattern of relationships vith test perfonnance vmm not as c OTsistent.

Other regional MPI mans among the limited niffltoer avail^le wire negati^m.

For most of the Siisject Tests, re^rdless of cpjantltative or verbal en^sis, perfonc^^ better thm e^cted for U. exa Mnees vms registered not OTly ttie "mgli^" coitingents but also by tee ESL wst Eurcoeai (mrqpe l) cmtingents.

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