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Between the 9th and mid-14th centuries, South Indian traders were still active in Southeast Asia, including Kedah.

Inscriptions in Tanjore (Tamil Nadu), seat of the mighty Chola Dynasty, record an attack by its king Rajendra Chola (A. The aim was to reassert control of trade in the region that was passing into the hands of Arab merchants (Jessy, 1972: 20-21; Basham, 1959: 79).

Since the Portuguese successfully captured Malacca in 40 days, it is tempting to believe that at least some of the Malabari soldiers stayed back.

Unfortunately, this speculation cannot be confirmed. From the beginning of the 18th century, after Malacca fell into Portuguese hands, it was closed to Muslim trade.

Ports along the Kedah (or Kataaram*(4), to the Indian traders) coast were popular with Indian traders.

Unmistakable remains of former Indian settlements have been found along the valleys of Sungai Bujang, Sungai Merbok and Kuala Muda.

If British-based historical sources are to be believed, Penang was a sleepy island with a few scattered villages of mostly Malay fishermen when Francis Light established a trading post in 1786 (Jessy, 1972: 162)*(7).Only in 1956, well after Indian independence, did the state of Kerala come into existence, giving Malayalees a unified homeland.Drawing from the name of their state, they are also called Keralites.The first wave was a mix of (i) voluntary individual immigrants, including those who came as traders and (ii) convict labour brought in to Penang after it became a penal settlement for India in 1789.The second wave was made of educated young men who came voluntarily to the country in search of employment opportunities, primarily in white-collar occupations.

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The lingua franca of trade was Tamil and Javanese, but the Malabaris, being a seafaring and trading community, would have also been engaged in this early trade system since they were under Chola control*(5).

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