Christian girls dating bad boys

This is bunkum put out by immoral and promiscuous people. They are ALREADY prepping themselves to go the next step in sin, by joining with a boy who will be unsaved, and may not be a nice character. And, believe me, they are always on the lookout for ‘easy pickings’.... They recognise you from afar, because you wear your desires on your face and in your body language. This happens whether you are in a night club, a party, or even a smart venue. Perhaps, on a first date, or even before a date, you kiss. And as a result many contract sexual diseases, including HIV, which is a lifelong affliction leading to death by AIDS. Other STDs can lead to many serious health problems and infertility, too, some of which can be lifelong. But, the worst effect is on your soul, which degenerates slowly.

And this process of seduction is made easier by your own sinful wishes, whether the action takes place immediately or after a few weeks of careful grooming... You can get away, but this requires genuine repentance and a turning away from the sin.

Deviation from this rule of life results in misery and increasing confusion. The girl who does not accept this most basic of facts is deluded, and will never accept anything said in this article. You might think you are enjoying your freedom right now – but it will certainly come back to bite you hard. God says we must not join with unbelievers or with those who do us harm.

for that is what the boy is doing: he grooms you to be what he wants you to be. After that you decide to meet again, probably without checking him out.

From the start the intention is sexual, rather than getting to know someone as a person, so it is not a surprise when the girl ignores the ‘bad’ side of a boy.

at least all those I have observed claimed to be believers.

One such girl ditched her Christian beliefs and morality by running off with a criminal who had just left prison. She thus had the sex she desired, but lost her self-respect, honour and godliness.

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