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Some argued that, in order for democracy to succeed, power must shift from authoritarian and military rulers to leaders who would be representative of and sensitive to the diverse ethnic groups in African societies.These new leaders, they said, must direct a move to the protection of civil rights, establishment of agreed-upon modes of governance, and greater political accountability in order to sustain the move to democracy.One observed that "much will depend on the government leaders who will be in power during the transition phase to democracy.

In the last three years, national conferences, particularly in Francophone countries, have emerged as vehicles for representation, accountability, and consensus formation.Access to power was through the party organization and its rule was enforced through ideological persuasion or coercion.The governing party became the instrument of elite groups that held onto power at all costs and were unwilling to tolerate dissent or serious competition.In some cases, national conferences have unceremoniously reduced or eliminated the powers of incumbent rulers.In Benin, for example, where the first national conference was held, Mathieu Kerekou broke down and wept as a national conference of ruling-party members and other leaders pronounced his repressive regime corrupt, incompetent, and illegal and even rejected an interim leadership role for him.

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