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which may very well mean someone likes you, a lot." According to this, Nick . And none will probably determine completely whether or not someone is into you.But maybe keeping an eye out for one or two will give you the extra push to make a move or reveal your feelings to someone you like — and that's always a step in the right direction.Here, what your body language in some everyday situations might say about your marriage, and how to be sure you're sending your man loving silent messages.Situation 1: The Hello Kiss Good signs "Soft lips that linger just an extra second clearly say, 'I'm happy to see you and I wish we could do more of this,'" says Susan Quilliam, author of "They press their hearts together to reestablish their intimacy after spending time apart." Warning signals "Kissing with hard, closed lips communicates tension and avoidance of intimacy," says Quilliam.As a teen I was more interested in hanging out with my friends and making home movies than I was boys, but when my friends started dating, I joined in too for fear of missing out. However, if I had never met my partner and had been single in my 20s, I reckon I'd most likely be akin to Jess Day of .I'd be given a baptism of fire like Jess in the Season 1 episode, "Cece Crashes," when her BFF Cece teaches her the basics of body language, including when someone's feet point directly at you, which apparently means they like you.

You may become aware that she is mirroring your movements, such as crossing her leg when you cross yours.

This subconsciously will pull them in your direction." Bear this in mind particularly when you're in a group of friends and someone is leaning in your direction.

that when a guy swiftly raises his brows it's a good sign, "When it’s coupled with a smile, you can usually assume he’s attracted to you.” IMO this is a great giveaway to look out for, so keep your eyes peeled as it could happen as quick as a wink.

According to Body and Soul, when women are into someone, they display their faces.

Writer Astha Gupta informed readers that, "A woman who is trying to attract a man's attention, with elbows resting on a surface, will place one hand on top of the other, then place her chin on her hands and face directly to him as is she is offering it to him for admiration." This is quite an obvious move, so make sure not to miss it!

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Another example of flirtatious body language is moving into your personal space, which flirtation consultant Judy Dutton defines as the 18 inches immediately surrounding your body.

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