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We don’t ever get to see each other until after pm.A couple of more hours of household chores, dishes, laundry, checking home work, ECT. Inside the cabin had all the comforts of home and then some.The second I walked into the office Rick looked up at me and said. The neck line showed off just a hint of cleavage while the hem was the perfect length to showcase her sexy athletic legs. I said to her as she set the cosmetic bag and pillows in the back seat.Finally I get to spend a little time with the hot girl.Even though it was only going to be for a long weekend we were as excited as if we were about to take a month long cruise. The girls were going to stay with there grandparents and our son was looking forward to staying with his favorite cousin and doing a little fishing. I thought who the hell wants to escape to this paradise and watch TV. It has been a long time since Lynn and I have been able a hot porno together.Lynn loves porno but she would never pick one to watch if she was alone.

Repeatedly visiting chat as a guest will gain you infamy and a likely ban.

She never hesitated a second to watch one with me though.

In fact I think being able to watch porn with me helped her considerable with what I like to call her sexual awakening.

Were both so tired all we want to do is crawl into bed for a couple of hours sleep before the whole cycle starts all over again. In fact that’s when the family taxi cab service jumps into high gear. Including a state of the art entertainment system with a 52 inch HD TV with surround sound.

That is why this trip to the mountains alone, the first trip alone in years was so important to both of us. To be honest at first I was not all that jazzed about the entertainment system.

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But as any good parent will tell you it is also the most challenging and exhausting in life.

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