Dating a busy successful man

Try to look at problems in your relationship as OPPORTUNITIES for love, growth and understanding.

To maintain a positive attitude, you have to have a full life — with or without a man.

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He talks about his life, his feelings and wants to know everything about you. Unfortunately, pointing this out to him only adds to the tension and distance you feel.

But there’s one more important thing you’ll want to know — whether or not he’ll grow to be more loving as the relationship grows, or if he’ll be the kind of man that periodically gets distant, therefore bringing up all your fears and uncertainty. And What To Do If You’re With One The best way to know a man’s emotional habits in relationships is to look at his existing relationships. This usually shows up as subtle begging, whining, or pouting in order to change his behavior.

#Ebrahim Aseem Busy women only give time to consistent men who give effort. #Ebrahim Aseem A smart, successful woman can be both busy AND bad.

If a busy reciprocal woman gives us her time, she’s already considering something more with us.

What does change him is the magic power of ATTRACTION. It’s not just physical attraction, but emotional attraction that creates a strong, unbreakable bond between you and a man.

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