Dating advice i broke up with her jealous of her

But if you think you are ready, I would assume or hope that you have already gone over and questioned and looked at all the possible consequences (especially those you would not want to have happen), and the practical issues, and the emotional issues, and, certainly, the relationship issues (yes, things will be different and things can change if you decide to do it). Or perhaps even the best questions for you personally. There are many many emotional questions that you need to look at.

But these are some questions that I would want to explore. Are you emotionally ready for a sexual relationship? And what if the relationship suddenly and unexpectedly changes in a direction that becomes very emotionally painful for you — are you prepared for that with a good emotional support system in place right now, from other friends and family.

Your jealous mind turns whatever your partner is (or isn’t) saying or doing into a sign that something is wrong.

I want to, but I’m also scared of the things that can change if we decide to do this.There are very practical health related questions that you need to have very clear answers for before you are ready. Don’t let love and flowers blind you to the more important issues about your personal health and your own future. (Do you already know all about the havoc that so-called accidental pregnancy wrecks in young girl’s lives? Are you emotionally stable enough inside yourself to be ready for the increased risk of emotional ups and downs? How do you imagine the relationship will change once the physical element is added? What if he left you for a different girl after you got sexual and you, yourself, became much more needy of his love, while he, perhaps being a typical guy, starts yearning for those unknown greener pastures once he plowed your fields?(I’m not saying that would happen, but statistically, it is quite common, as you probably already know.Maybe you feel something completely different than this.Chances are, a physical reaction that may range from uncomfortable to completely unbearable comes with your jealousy.

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I know he’s the one I love, and the guy that I want to be my first. I don’t know how to know for sure if you are ready or not.

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