Dating an insecure girl

Although much appreciated, it’s not really about the big gestures like two tickets to Paris.

It’s the everyday simple things like holding her hand in public.

Sure, you’re innocent and there’s nothing more to it, but this could make your girl a bit insecure. If you keep talking about a girl from work, make sure you’re giving your girlfriend more attention.

To erase her suspicion, set a date to introduce them to each other. Never forget to introduce her to your friends, especially if that will make her feel left out. However, when you arrive at the party, you get so caught up in meeting everyone that it takes you a long time to realize that your girl has just been sitting in a corner.

Yep, even if she’s just your best friend, and even if she’s not so attractive. So the next time you hang out with your best friend, make sure to tag your girlfriend along so they can get to know each other better.[Read: 18 signs you may be having an emotional affair without realizing it] #5 When you don’t introduce her to friends. It will make her feel isolated and unwanted, and she’ll likely ask herself endlessly if she’s not special enough to be introduced to your buddies. You invite her to go with you to your friend’s party. Do you really have to be side-by-side like Siamese Twins?You’re having brunch at a restaurant and suddenly, your childhood friends enter the scene. Not if she has other friends in the room or if she has the bubbliest personality.Just make sure you won’t get jealous if she gets very close with her ex, too. This will only make your girlfriend feel a bit uncomfortable and insecure about herself. That’s fine if you’ve just been together for a few months, but if you’ve been together for more than a year yet you’re still hiding her from your friends, don’t be surprised if she gets insecure. If you love someone, you’re willing to shout their name until all the world knows you’re together. Simply uploading a photo of you together on Facebook is a big thing for your girl. Maybe it’s fine if you’re keeping secrets from her just to protect her, but if you’re keeping secrets from her because you’re scared she’d judge you or you’re scared she’d tell her friends, then you better deal with your other issues.But if you really want to talk about her or it can’t be helped, simply assure her that you have no feelings for her whatsoever. If social media is not your thing, then at least embrace her in public. Tell her your secrets, but make her promise not to hate you or not to share it to anyone else.

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