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Another all too familiar struggle with dating a man at the top of his game is if (and when) he decides to take time from his schedule and actually calls a woman, all he talks about is work.

If that’s not bad enough, the conversation is cut short!

The hectic life that comes with success is not enough of an excuse.

Using success and work as a scapegoat, some men do and say questionable things.

However, when you are just as successful, you understand how difficult but possible it is to balance love and career.

You know that it’s feasible to make time for a good relationship.

In fact, a little cockiness is pretty sexy at times.

While some women may think this is okay, I’m here to tell you it’s not.

With any relationship, effective communication is key to its survival.

Men who are out achieving their goals are sexy, but what we as women know all too well is when you date a guy who has a flourishing career, there are a lot of struggles and compromises involved. Some would argue that there are no struggles involved, and all a woman needs to do is sit back, be patient, and be understanding of the demands of his job.

They may say that a woman should be supportive and thankful to have a man who is successful in his own right.

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Plus, many of us want a guy who is just as successful as we are, so I guess we’ll have to keep dealing with them to a certain extent.

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