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He argues that it's good that we make up our own rules because they make the game better and more fun.

Our lessons should provide the same fluidity and ability to change the rules.

I love "Ignite Sessions." I find them disruptive and validating at the same time, a balance between a call for creative innovation and righteous support for the ideas I share about the direction of instruction in 220.

My favorite ignite speech by Michael Roush (@mdroush) focused on the rules of education being broken.

A student who only understands Mandarin could use these ear buds to translate anything a teacher speaking English says into his native tongue as s/he says it! For the low price of 0 a set, I am tempted to pre-order a pair just for myself.

Fear the Sitting Dead: Bringing PD Back to Life The "Fear the Sitting Dead: Bringing PD Back to Life" session introduced a few quick tips for leading technology-based professional development for teachers, but I found that many of the strategies could also be used in the classroom as a way for students to share different educational apps and tools with their peers.

Teachers: How I apply this standard in my teaching: Because students are consumers of digital products on a regular basis, it is important to shift curriculum and information dissemination as well as activities and learning feedback to this form as often as possible.

I included this session in my summary specifically for three reasons.

First, I hope we can all claim a little technology nerd in us to best connect with an increasing population of technology nerd-students.

Thanks to a strong culture of sharing resources and a well-constructed app, the materials for most sessions can still be accessed regardless of attendance.

Ignite I began ISTE by selecting an "Ignite Session," 75 minutes worth of 5-minute, hyperactive, motivational proclamations meant to trigger creative ideas for improvements in education.

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If you've been to the annual Illinois Computing Educators (ICE) Conference, you're aware of how difficult it can be to make a choice between two or more interesting sessions in a specific time slot.

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