Dating heavy petting

Not so, when we are alone with our most trusted and dearest friend.

That sounds hopelessly old-fashioned almost as old-fashioned as virginity is becoming.

Little wonder, then, that when, as an unmarried couple, we become even slightly affectionate, we tend to let our defenses down in the very situation that we need to be on heightened alert to sexual temptation. They had been feeling so close to God that they supposed they were invulnerable.

Two devout Christians who had been dating received a very special touch from God in a church service. Filled with the warm love of God and excitement over what he had done, their feelings imperceptibly slipped from God to love for each other and slowly gained momentum on the roller coaster ride to out-of-control passion.

The nearly miraculous power of lovemaking to comfort and reassure is a feature not just of those aspects of lovemaking that must be restricted to marriage.

Even something as innocent as holding hands or saying or hearing the words, I love you, is infused with an almost hypnotic power to melt away ones apprehensions and make a couple feel wonderfully secure and at ease in each others presence.

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