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Nickolds According to information from the Crabb family and other sources, John Nickolds (b.1787 in Birmingham) was the toolmaker for Wheatstone, and was replaced by Lachenal in 1848, with his own company at 5, Woodbridge St, Clerkenwell.

He had two sons, Frederick Charles and Thomas, also involved with Wheatstone.

The following descriptions give what information I have, using the Horniman collection as a basis, along with some instruments which have recently been offered for sale.

Of all the UK makers listed in the Horniman collection, I have not been able to obtain any further information on only Arthur J. A recently introduced resource on the Internet provides opportunities for research into dealers and traders. 'Professor' George Tinckler Case seems to have been much more of a musician and tutor, although Neil Wayne says that he originally worked for Wheatstone. He first appears in listings in 1850 at New Bond St as a Seraphine Maker, but from 1851 this is changed to Concertina Manufacturer.

One of these tutors, published in 1858, says that the firm then had two factories, 'Hollingworth Street North, & Wellington Street, St.

This is a live feed from the Forums2019-9-3should we use a photo hosting site?John Crabb joined with Nickolds to form 'Nickolds, Crabb & Co.'. as musical instrument sellers in the 1920s in Enfield, Middlesex are a strange echo. Rock and Edward Chidley Rock Chidley produced the often featured ivory ended instrument for Wheatstone in 1848, left Wheatstone sometime around 1850, and according to Jones, set up near Oxford Street.John Crabb left the company about 1856 to work for Lachenal, before forming his own company in 1860. Their sequence was: Thomas Nickolds does not appear in any further listings, but is recorded in the 1881 census as a concertina maker, widowed and lodging in Newington. In his article on Lachenal noted above, Stephen Chambers notes that one characteristic of Nickolds instruments is that the screw holes of the plate that fastens the reed to the shoe are open ended. The address found on instruments,'135 High Holborn, London', near New Oxford St., was in fact the family address.This is a public message posted to your feed and I think it appears as a s2019-8-29Private Messages2019-8-29My First Restoration with Real Concertina Reeds2019-8-29Hello Joe, I'm interest in a G/D 30B Anglo concertina. Please let me know if you have2019-8-29Concertina Lessons - Skype & Dublin2019-8-29Hard-core Anglo player puts toe in English water...2019-8-29Jeffries Bb/F2019-8-28Another set of eyes2019-8-28Bass note playing on anglo question2019-8-28WTB Crane Duet2019-8-28THUMB STRAP SCREW MOUNTING2019-8-28Alternative F sharp button (Anglo)2019-8-27Jonathan Harnum's 'Practice of Practice'2019-8-27Anglo Irish Music Skype Lessons2019-8-27English &Anglo for sale2019-8-27Beginner lessons2019-8-27How do I change my avatar...2019-8-26Wheatstone 62-button Maccann duet concertina for sale2019-8-26Simon Thoumire English concertina Skype lessons2019-8-26Herrington’s hand rest/buckle design2019-8-25jacobus stainer 17162019-8-23WTB - Crane or Jones Anglo w/Brass Reeds2019-8-23One of the stranger concertina pics I've seen2019-8-22Bazhow Copyright © 1996-2018 Paul Schwartz. Be nice and don't copy any stuff from here without asking, okay?

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