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Don’t date an OT because she will see the good in everything. She’s optimistic about change and has faith that everyone has the potential to achieve what they want from life.She knows that even though the world is a broken place, it is so beautiful and full of promise.This is a take off of “Don’t date a girl who travels” and “Don’t date a girl who reads”.I recommend reading one of those first because this will make more sense.They claim this is just to “treat the deeper tissue”.

The motion is small, maybe an inch or so, back and forth “across the grain” of the tissue, so you have to have some idea which direction the structure normally runs.All observable data indicates that “treatment” consists of destroying your pain receptors through over stimulation. Guess who she experiments on before she starts charging money for practicing her evil trade. In the early years of our marriage she would come home from a class and coyly ask something like, “Didn’t you say your shoulder was a little sore last week? Since then I learned the wisdom of Oscar Wilde when he said, “The one charm of marriage is that it makes a life of deception a necessity.” A contest with a thinking being is never over and a little white lie about all my body parts being in perfect working order was only a minor speed bump to someone who has made their career P/T.One time when she came home from class she had a little box with wires coming out of it she wanted to experiment with me as the subject.Obviously there are guy OT’s too, but I wrote this in the same style as the other articles. She won’t be easily wooed by sweet nothings and empty conversations.Don’t date an OT because she won’t be impressed with your fancy clothes and cool car. She'll see past your clever one-liners and coy smiles. She won't be so easily caught because she has found a better reason to fly.

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She knows that the poorest people in the world are those who only have money. Don’t date an OT because she won’t make room for someone who isn’t as passionate as her.

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