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The hookup culture is approaching a near takeover of college life across the nation because it is easy.Simply put, most college students go out to bars or house parties and find someone they want to hook up with.Not only can they help you find cute and interesting coeds in your age group, but, since you might not have a lot of money to spare, they’re also 100% a god among dating sites because it’s been around the longest (founded in 1995), has the largest user base (30 million members), and has the best reputation (the best dates, relationships, and marriages).And that doesn’t just have to happen in class, at parties or bars, or through friends and extracurriculars.That’s where these nine best dating sites for college students come in.

Yep, we’re talking about breaking from the traditional forms of dating and venturing into the world of online dating! There are a lot of different dating sites out there and it can be hard to determine which one is right for you.

Or should they keep looking for the perfect date at their school to no avail?

People who find themselves in this category of college students are starting to turn to online dating.

College is usually one of the exciting times of people’s lives.

They’re probably away from home for the first time, making their own decisions, participating in different kinds of activities, and, most importantly, meeting tons of new people.

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Pressure not to be known as the guy who cannot get his own date.

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