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You have to find someone who is okay with your illness and willing to take care of you.2 weeks after we met I ended up hospitalized for a full week, and I thought that would be the end of him.How am I supposed to tell a potential date about how sick I am? There are plenty of women with similar or compatible issues, if nothing else : P The (very new) /r/u4u miiight be able to help with that. I met my fiancé 2 years after my diagnosis, and I also have 2 other chronic illnesses.I am lucky in that I can still do many things, but not anywhere near what most normal people can do. Otherwise, just go to social events with people you like being around. For some people, it will be a big issue that you are ill instead of working - but you don't want to date those people. I didn’t tell him the full extent right away, but he may have heard me say some offhand remarks about it before we started dating, I can’t remember.Male finding someone who is ok with their illness is very possible, but someone willing to take care of them is rather doubtful, depends on the extent of the illness as well surely. If you want to raise your odds I don't believe looking for someone who is willing to take care of you will get you a female partner (assuming you're looking for a female), however there are lots of female in a situation similar to op making them much compatible. Not sure I have any advice for you other than to say you're not alone in feeling this way.

The bottom line is that you don’t want to be with someone who can’t handle the fact that you have limitations and health needs.

Think about what you can do and find women who enjoy that.

Both of us love board games and bad movies and they are the perfect things to do when we are both feeling shitty.

My dysautonomia and Behcet's also make it tough to be intimate with someone and also affect my appearance.

I've personally found the longer I can hold out pretending to be healthy, the more luck I have with someone being understanding and willing to keep seeing me.

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You are so much more than a screwed up autonomic nervous system, and I guarantee you that if that’s what consumes your identity it will turn people off.

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