Dating pottery finds

The book of Joshua, chapter 6, records the destruction of the walls of Jericho, allowing the Israelites under the leadership of Joshua to conquer the city.

Time tells us that after extensive excavations at the site of ancient Jericho, archaeologists have determined that the location was abandoned between about 1500-1100 BC.

It addresses Archaeology and the Bible, addressing popular ideas in this country, and shows that it is both unrighteous and absurd to subject Scripture to the criticisms of the science of archaeology, in that it is incapable of ever arriving at unchangeable truth.

Archaeologists in the Holy Land are shedding new light on what did- and didn't occur in the greatest stories ever told." The article describes recent archaeological finds in Israel and surrounding areas, and then categorizes public and scholarly reaction to these finds in three main groupings: "Jewish and Christian Ultraconservatives," who do not believe any part of the Bible is fiction; "Atheists," who want to debunk the whole Bible; and "the moderate majority," who want to be sure that the Bible is scientifically "grounded in truth." As Reformed believers we fall into what Time calls the "Ultraconservative" group.

Dumps are the best sites for finding beach pottery, ceramics, and shards - like the old Tepco ceramic factory dump.

Richmond, California, on the San Francisco Bay, was the home of a porcelain and ceramic factory, where broken or unwanted pottery was dumped on the shoreline. Just like hunting for sea glass, your best bet is to find an old dump site.

We believe that the Bible is infallible not only in spiritual matters, but also in accounts with historical and geographical content.

So when archaeologists excavate biblical lands and, based on their findings, reach conclusions that differ with the historical account of Scripture, how should a Reformed believer respond?

Their position is one of faith, as much as is ours.It is just that the object of their faith is their own vanity.But what is one to make of the third category, the "moderate majority." Many Evangelicals fall into this category, for they are delighted whenever an archaeological find supports a part of Scripture, or, as Time says, "strengthens the Bible's claim to historical accuracy." But if a supportive archaeologist enhances Scripture's claim to accuracy, does a scientific detractor weaken the Bible's claim to truth?There is obviously much less room for error or editing in a document carved on stone than on a manuscript copy several times removed from the original.The Time article gives several examples of archaeologists rejecting biblical manuscripts in favor of their own theories based on other artifacts.

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So much pottery has been produced over the ages in all parts of the world, that a lot of information still needs to be gathered.

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