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I was about to plunge my nose into each of them and snort the sweaty residue of nine strangers’ armpits. Studies suggested that mate choice was determined by some combination of sex hormones and immune system compatibility, as detected by the human olfactory system.Smell Dating’s online matchmaking experiment was attempting to harness this discovery — and it just so happened to conveniently coincide with my own attempt to re-enter the dating world.I had desired, at the very least, some sort of experience when I signed up for Smell Dating.Here was a self-selected pool of New Yorkers who were adventurous and had to possess a sense of humor.I tore the package open as soon as it arrived in the mail, plastic baggies scattering across the table like the aftermath of a drug buy.

I also picked up on shades of violet and ochre, combined with reverberations of a distant gong when my synesthesia kicked in.

I did join a running group, hoping to meet someone in real life before resorting to marketing myself on the Internet.

This only succeeded in leaving me chafed and winded, but at least my mile times were rapidly dropping.

Suddenly I was meeting prospective candidates through mutual friends, running into old acquaintances, and out of nowhere, men started to hit on me.

Being willing to smell the armpits of strangers’ t-shirts was like kissing a frog — somehow the spell had been broken; I was finally dating in the 21st century.

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