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However, in winter, photos nearly always come out with a cold colour cast, low contrast, and blurring You can use electric light indoors but you really need several strong lights pointing from different positions to give even illumination.You may need to adjust the colour balance on the camera otherwise the pictures will be too yellow.Easily chipped and broken, has a coarse texture, not transparent to light. It rings when tapped (if not cracked) but the ring is duller than that from stoneware or porcelain. A piece of paper, from an art shop, and curved into an L-shape, makes a good combined 'floor' and 'backdrop' for photographing objects(but notice that I made the mistake of using pure white paper, which is too bright, and makes the object look to dark) Making nice photos of ceramics requires a lot of practice, a digital camera, a computer with a photo-editing suite such as Adobe Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, and some pieces of cartridge paper of different colours.Terracotta flower pots are unglazed, red earthenware; their porosity is an advantage in allowing the contained soil to breathe. A quick glance at e Bay shows that most people haven't quite got the knack, but it can be learned by trail and error (as I know from my own experience).); or on a table set with a lace doily (making it look totally naff and nerdy).Some sellers hold the object in the hand so you can see black finger nails and nicotine stains.

Interestingly, John Doulton, founder of what became Royal Doulton, gained his apprenticeship at Dwight's Fulham Pottery.

Indoors is fine, and use a room with good natural light and big windows.

Summer is best and even a cloudy day will give a short exposure, good contrast and nice colour balance.

Invisible hairlines on a white body, or some types of crazing on matt white pieces, will miraculously appear as a grey line as the water seeps into the crack and temporarily darkens the ceramic body If you have a fruit bowl with stains or discoloration inside, they may well bleach-out if you stand the piece in full sunlight in a window during summer for a few weeks.

But make sure it can stand the heat, and that it doesn't have decoration that will fade Ceramics (= pottery) describes anything made from a non-metallic mineral, usually clay, that has been fired.

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Very artistic, I'm sure, but presumably the vases are now covered in scratches and chips.

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