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Every once in a while, the person you thought was so charming during your first conversation would turn out to be a pile of hot garbage, but that was fairly rare.The study found that 9 out of 10 lie on their dating profiles with the deceptions being small enough it would be hard to detect face-to-face.And I’m sure there are some dudes out there clamoring that These statistics show that it is young women who experience the most severe forms of online harassment (i.e. Think about how that may effect your chances of getting future dates the next time you engage in this behavior.Online dating is great because it affords you the opportunity to connect with people you’d probably never encounter otherwise.But the flip side of that coin is that when it comes to online dating, you have no guarantees of anyone’s authenticity.In the analog era of romance, you knew what you were getting you agreed to the first date — you’d already talked to them, you’d confirmed (hopefully not verbally) that you both found each other physically attractive, and there was a mutual spark.They might be looking for a monogamous relationship but probably not ready to be thinking about rings and baby names yet.Not saying you can't find someone who wants the same thing but just given the age, most people are just not there yet.

Here's the thing're pretty young. You might be pretty mature for you age but most girls at 23 or so are not looking to 'settle down'. All you have to do is log on and start swiping; with enough time and patience, you’ll eventually land yourself a date. Once upon a time, all a gal had to do was head to the sock hop, buy herself a bottle of Coca-Cola and wait; in no time at all, she’d have a gaggle of swell fellas in suits and responsible haircuts and throwing their hats in the ring of courtship.(There wasn’t much going on in America before 1968 or so.)Now, however, the landscape has changed.(I’m assuming you’re not a creep; hopefully I’m not mistaken.)But while finding a date is easier, dating as a whole is more than ever. In the current dating scene, there are more college-educated women than there are college-educated men.As far as why 75% of your interests end up giving you the friend speech, not sure but I wouldn't immediately say it's because of your dating preference, unless you're just so up front about 'settling down' that you're scaring them off.I hope you're at least letting them "bite the hook" before dropping the deep stuff on them (bad analogy but couldn't think of anything better at the moment).

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