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Over the next 40 years, Revere Ware would introduce new series to position itself in competition with other manufacturers at various price points, or for specific specialty markets.In the early 1960s the profitability of Revere Ware began to level off.During this period Revere Ware suffered from branding incoherency, with nearly a dozen new "lines" introduced by 2006 before briefly leaving the market.Revere Ware has since been reintroduced, as World Kitchen currently (as of 2016) offers select variations: Copper-cored stainless steel, traditional copper-clad bottomed cookware and anodized non-stick aluminum.Various aluminum products were also introduced, such as the Galaxy line.The Galaxy line featured stainless steel construction with a bonded aluminum lining.

(Photo courtesy of Blane van Pletzen-Rands) Revere Ware is a line of consumer and commercial kitchen wares introduced in 1939 by the Revere Brass & Copper Corp.Prior to the sale of Revere Ware to Corning Glass Inc in 1985, the brand offered or had in development four series.The traditional 1400 series continued to sell well.Revere Ware produced during the good years of 1939-1968 has a stamp on the bottom that includes a circle and either the words “Process Patent” or “Pat.Pend.” Newer Revere Ware has a much simpler logo that does not include a circle or any reference to a patent.

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Coinciding with new series introductions, cost cutting measures were implemented in the manufacture of the traditional cookware.

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