Dating when should you travel together

If you and your ex were apart for some time and you know that you both had the chance to see other people, you are not allowed to ask questions.Rule number two in dating your ex: It’s none of your business what happened when you were apart.

Instead of assuming you already know everything there is to know about your ex, give him a clean slate, forget the past, and re-learn him.Taking a trip involves spending a lot of concentrated time together, and this puts pressure on each member of the couple.If you push it and travel too soon together, you may end up seeing traits that put you off and discourage you from pursuing the relationship further.Make sure when you get back with an ex that you’re really ready to be with that person again and not just lonely for love.Also, make sure the past doesn’t become the future. Just another hard working mom who loves her kid, loves to write, can’t cook, and has a thing for tentacles!

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You know how they feel when you make love, you know their favorite television show and what they like to snack on in the middle of the night.

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