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However, our dating philosophy is totally different from the conventional crap you’d find in Maxim!! Too many guys enter the PUA community with 1 goal in mind: Fornicating aka Fucking (which is cool by the way).

Laying hot girls gets played out and jaded after a while.

You’re not comfortable marketing and selling your stuff because you don’t believe that (a) you’re worth it or (b) your stuff is worth it. Or maybe you’re not comfortable with the marketing techniques and worldview you’re being taught. You start launching even before you know what you’re going to sell (Back in the old days, his Syndicate buddy Frank Kern seemed to take this even further.

If you feel uncomfortable talking about your work or selling your stuff, marketing coaches will usually tell you it’s because you have low self esteem. Jeff Walker seems level-headed and like a very smart, likable and influential person – and just like Mastin Kipp testifies, Walker’s Launch marketing model tactics sequences does in fact appear to be one of the most common formulas used online. You deploy your marketing in an effort to find out what your audience wants and develop the product along the way.

Over the years though: we’ve evolved and assimilated into the mainstream dating scene. So-called traditional-dating advisors like the Patti Stangers & Dr.

It gets tiring fucking harems of new asses each week[believe me: I know]. Phils would cringe at what we practice, advocate and preach.

Honestly speaking, we’re more than just banging hot women all around the globe for the evil sake of ‘Pleasure’.

There is absolutely no 1 guy/PUA leading the Seduction Community.This fraternity isn’t run like a totalitarian regime.However, just as any organization and movement, we do have rankings members: • Newbies/Students(beginner) • RAFC(Recovering AFC) • PUA(Pick-Up Artist) • MPUA(Master Pick-Up Artist) • Dating Coach • Guru MPUA, Dating Coach & Guru are basically interchangeable[same thing].The only thing which separates me from other Pick-Up Artists, is the ‘Seduction Method’ we adhere to.Look at it like a political party with sub leaders of varying ideologies, yet 1 goal in mind: to win the election for THEIR party. * Mystery Method is heavy on Negs[sly remarks to lower the girl’s value in order to bring her down to Earth and off that high horse].

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