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Firth is a fan of Aphex Twin, and has used references such as the song "Milkman" in a cartoon also titled "Milkman".

Also, in the cartoon "Scribbler", an Aphex Twin poster can be seen.

Firth also plays lo-fi pressure-pop music under the alias Stegosaurus Trap, and is a member of a band called Grape Digging Sharon Fruits with friends and contributors to his projects.

He is currently hitchhiking around England and going to the following countries: Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic, France, Switzerland, and Croatia.

They wanted a celebration that would be unique to them.

“We wanted a wedding that would reflect us,” David says. We took a tour of the Whiskey Factory and knew it was the perfect spot.” Given their industrial venue and offbeat color scheme, the couple also wanted wedding attire that would reflect their personalities. We found our suits at Men’s Wearhouse, but we wanted to encourage everyone to wear things that were their own style.

Some of his work may be described as dark humour, while much of it is simply experimental, using many different styles.Unfortunately, it ended up being a cold night so I could not do the rooftop proposal I was planning.Luckily, a friend of mine has a beer garden, so I was able to propose there.” When the planning started, the couple knew that they did not want a traditional wedding.They ended up falling for one another pretty quickly.David had a plan for a very romantic, rooftop proposal in Chicago. He says, “I had planned to propose on New Year's Eve of 2018 because my resolution for the year had been to propose before the year was up.

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It was a great way to ensure that everyone felt great.

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