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A truly unique way to discover hidden coastal secrets together! From Seed to Bottle The creative and experimental home of Parterre Fragrances, Keyneston Mill is the largest private botanic gardens in the country dedicated solely to aromatic and scented plants, with over 1,500 varieties in a 50-acre estate.

Stroll romantically through the impressive gardens feeling the crisp February air on your cheeks and the crunch of frosty leaves underfoot before cosying up together with a coffee in the café.

We always have two Professional Coasteering guides in the water with Peterson tubes for your excitement and safety.

So that you can both enjoy a fun-filled adventure with qualified experts, learning new skills and exploring the Jurassic Coastline with its caves and fossils.

The term was coined by Collins (1956, 1957) who recognised that there seemed to be people that lived in the Eastern Canadian Arctic prior to the Dorset, but for whose culture it was difficult to give the defining characteristics.

Hence, for Collins and others afterward, the term is a catch-all phrase for all occupations of the Eastern Canadian Arctic that predated the Dorset.

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