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I’d also totally be using my Ricky Schroeder connection to bang hot chicks.

) According to James Caldwell of, Tiffany from ECW (Teddy Long’s hot assistant) is dating Alfonso Ribiero, aka Carlton from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” I don’t know where James got this information, but if I were Carlton, I’d be spreading that rumor even if she wasn’t spreading those legs.

In the end, the company went out on pay-per-view - its last event was their PPV in January of 2001, and the main event saw Jerry Lynn face a returning Rob Van Dam (who had taken a hiatus from the company because of contract disagreements) in the last great match of the promotion.

(Incidentally, the show was held at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York, the same building where the two pay-per-views were held.) Once the company officially declared bankruptcy, the WWF bought the promotion, getting all of its trademarks and its video library in the deal.

Taking a cue from Garbage Wrestlers of the past (like Terry Funk - himself an ECW alumni - and Abdullah the Butcher, who also appeared), as well as Japanese "deathmatch" promotions like FMW, ECW popularized "hardcore" wrestling in the United States; practically every match was fought under what's now known as "Extreme Rules" (where pretty much anything except hitting a ref was legal).

Fearing possible backlash, Raven was ordered to apologize for the act to the crowd.The quote that starts off this article comes from Shane's post-match speech after defeating 2 Cold Scorpio for the title; Douglas ended up tossing down the NWA World Heavyweight Championship belt, raised up the NWA ECW Heavyweight Championship belt, and declared himself the "new ECW Heavyweight Champion of the World".August 27, 1994 would forever be known as the day Eastern Championship Wrestling died; the NWA dissolved its association with the company and stripped Douglas of its world title, while the company itself would change a single word in its name just days later - it was now officially For the next seven years, ECW would drastically change the landscape of the national pro wrestling scene.The NWA president was worried that ECW was going to monopolize the title much like Jim Crockett Promotions did in the '80s, so he took control of the tournament.In retaliation, Tod Gordon and Paul Heyman devised a plan with the man booked to win the tournament - Shane Douglas - that went into effect after Shane won the title.

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