Entering data and updating forms

Sometimes, however, something out of the ordinary comes along - in my case, a request for the design of some user input forms to be connected to SQL Server.

Assuming that the solution is to be built without code, what options are available?

In my role as a contractor, I have a huge variety of requests that are normally fairly predictable and most fall within my field of expertise.

Here is mine, quite plain: Now we need to use Controls to fetch the data from the database.

Now you may be thinking what I'm thinking - Microsoft Excel. Share Point has some basics, but nothing that met all the criteria above.

It's a straightforward, no-nonsense approach using a common framework to SQL Server (. NET in anger beyond VBScript and Power Shell, and I'm certainly not up to the task of producing a solid and robust application within a web interface, not on my own or in the short timescale I was given. Here's a great opportunity then to introduce Microsoft Info Path.

Now click Manage Data Connections in the bottom-right of the form window, under 'Fields'.

You'll see the connection listed there - click Modify... In this window, click the 'Enable submit for this connection' checkbox to fill it, then Finish and Close. We now have a basic working connection to SQL Server and a blank form to play with. In the same manner as you would in Word, create a title by typing near the top of the page.

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Two tables will be displayed, Person and lookup_Animals, both in the dbo schema.

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