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New Jersey and the New York Metropolitan area also has a significant population of Filipinos.

There are smaller populations of Filipino Americans elsewhere.

After World War II, the majority of Filipino Americans in San Diego were associated with the U. In 2011, four percent of all Filipino immigrants in the U. resided in the Honolulu metro area, and were 43% of all immigrants in the Honolulu metro area as well.

Filipino immigrants in Hawaii made up six per cent of all Filipino immigrants in the United States.

Since 1965, due to changes in immigration policy, the population of Filipino Americans has expanded significantly.

Other states with significant populations of Filipinos include: Hawaii, Illinois, Texas, and Washington.

During the early 20th Century, Alaska was the third-leading population center of Filipinos in the United States, after Hawaii and California; many worked seasonally in salmon canneries.

In the United States' insular areas in 1920, the Philippine Islands had the largest Filipino population of 10,207,696; Guam had 396; the Panama Canal Zone 10, the Virgin Islands seven; there was a single Filipino in Puerto Rico.

It is now largely populated by Hispanic and Latino Americans.

Most Filipinos who resided in the area and the city in general have moved to the suburbs, The Inland Empire also has a population of Filipinos, with an estimated 59,000 living in the region in 2003, a hundred years after the first Filipinos arrived in the area to attend Riverside High School; One of the earliest records of a Filipino settling in the San Francisco Bay Area occurred in the mid-19th Century, when a Filipino immigrant and his Miwok wife settled in Lairds Landing on the Marin County coast; Additionally, other immigrants came through the U. Military, some through the Presidio of San Francisco, and others as migrant workers on their way to points inland; many of these Filipinos would settle down permanently in the Bay Area, establishing "Manilatown" on Kearny Street (next to Chinatown). Even in the late 1970s and early 1980s more than half of Filipino babies born in the greater San Diego area were born at Balboa Naval Hospital.

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