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Interplanetary travel is just around the corner, but desktop computers for Mister and Mrs Jones? Today, the smartphone you carry in your pocket has more computing power than the fastest supercomputers of the '80s.

For example, the Cray-2, released in 1985 and the fastest supercomputer until 1988, performed at about 1.9 gflops (Giga Floating-point Operations Per Second).

Current trends of solid-state hard drives (which as flash drives are just another application of IC chips) replacing magnetic disks may be the final step in which older types of memory are replaced.

In general, the amount of time that a particular storage medium is in general use for music has been rapidly dropping.

We are living in the future but I didn't even notice. of RAM had to be built manually, which made the very idea of storing large amounts of data electronically pretty much absurd; if a computing device in fiction back then could store much data, it was probably a full-blown AI.

When IC chip memory came into general use, memory size became very firmly hitched to the Moore's Law rocket, and since then the sky is no longer the limit.

For my own archival purposes I am putting them up on my site so I can keep them around.By 2013, your standard i Phone performed at about 75 gflops."The great room, which had been one of the marvels of the world [...].No living eye would ever again see that wonderful battery of almost human Hollerith analyzers and five thousand million punched cards holding all that could be recorded on each man, woman and child on the planet." is a game I bought twelve years ago to my PC. Now, I am going to condense it out of thin air and install it on a machine you would have seen on Star Trek. It may seem odd that Stewie looks and sounds absolutely nothing like the rest of his family, but not when you remember that Seth Mc Farland steals other peoples ideas.He doesn’t even have the decency to alter them the slightest bit.

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